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Complies to ASTM B117 TQC Sheen now supplies Sodium Chloride which quality complies to the stringent ASTM B117 standard. This C&W Specialist Salt is specially formulated for saline spray (fog) for corrosion testing with C&W Salt Spray and CCT cabinets. Obviously C&W Specialist Salt also creates the ideal saline spray for cabinets from other brands. […]

TQC Sheen UK and C&W Specialist Equipment are moving to a new premises together. From July 31 they share a new accommodation in Leominster, Herefordshire. By sharing a property, TQC Sheen and C&W can use each other’s expertise to help their customers even better. Not only in terms of advice, but also in terms of […]

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Colorè, scheduled from 19 to 21 September, is a true meeting and comparison moment among manufacturers, distributors, designers and users. A great fair which will involve all the light construction sector, one in a kind in Italy for its technical and specialised content. Welfare standards have risen for light construction as well and aim to […]