AFA Compact with Test Chart

Automatic Film Applicator ‘Compact’

A reproducible film is crucial to run meaningful tests in a paint laboratory. A manual draw down is affected by many variables such as application speed, applied force on the applicator block/barcoater and above all the operator. Especially the speed of application is determinative for the final thickness of the draw down.

Versatile solution
For those laboratories that are still applying paint films manually the TQC Automatic Film Applicator ‘Compact’ has been developed. This entry level film applicator accepts charts up to A4 size. Application speed can be set from 1 to 150 mm/s. The AFA Compact is suitable for both wire wound rod applicators and block applicators. The AFA Compact is available with a glass – or perforated vacuum bed.

Easy to operate
Operating is easy through the standard TQC operating interface with Triple i technology. This unique system guides the operator through the interface of TQC lab-machines. At each step of the operating menu the interface detects which buttons are active and indicates these by means of an illuminated red centre. This results in a very intuitive operating system which is enhanced with information on the machine’s display.

No obstacle
The price level of the AFA Compact should be no obstacle for any lab to start producing reproducible and accurate draw downs.  Cleaning the instrument won’t be an obstacle either: A drip pan and paper holder are part of the standard supply.