C&W Specialist Salt for Salt Spray and CCT Cabinets

Complies to ASTM B117

TQC Sheen now supplies Sodium Chloride which quality complies to the stringent ASTM B117 standard. This C&W Specialist Salt is specially formulated for saline spray (fog) for corrosion testing with C&W Salt Spray and CCT cabinets. Obviously C&W Specialist Salt also creates the ideal saline spray for cabinets from other brands.

Guaranteed quality and fully traceable
ASTM B117, Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus, sets stringent requirements regarding the level of contaminants like copper, fluoride, iodine, bromide, or anti-caking agent in Salt that’s used to create a salt fog. C&W Specialist Salt comes with a full Certificate of Analysis stating all relevant contaminants and a Certificate of Conformity with batch numbers and dates. This guarantees the high laboratory grade of C&W Specialist Salt.

To avoid the formation of lumps without using contaminating anti caking agents C&W Specialist Salt has a custom selected course grain. This course grain also prevents excess dust when handling the salt. C&W Specialist Salt will keep the laboratory clean, without a reduction of solubility.

Conveniently Packed
C&W Specialist Salt is conveniently and safely packed in 25 kg or 5 kg containers keeping the salt free from moisture and contamination. With the 5 kg buckets no weighing is needed. Just add one bucket to a 100 litre reservoir and add water until the 100 litre level is reached. This is the ideal mixture for salt spray testing. Both the handy 5 kg buckets and the economic 25 kg buckets are fitted with a handle for optimal lifting.

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