New generation curvex oven-temperature loggers

In 1998, an era when oven loggers were highly expensive, TQC surprised the global powder coatings industry with an affordable and practical oven data logging system to verify and control curing temperatures in conveyor and box ovens. Now eighteen years later TQC proudly announces its 4th generation of data loggers for the finishing industry.

Evaluate and configure on site
TQC has put its vast experience and massive customer input into the design of the new CurveX temperature logger. An XL touchscreen allows the user to operate the logger but also evaluate test results right on site on the large colour screen. Valuable information such as Cure index, max. temperature and a complete graph are presented. Up to 10 batches can be stored and evaluated right on the instrument without the necessity to download the data to a computer.
The touchscreen also allows the user to create and edit paint types, change logging intervals, program start/stop triggers, configure the memory etc..

Download and analyse data
A standard USB port is used to download data to a computer, to a USB-memory stick and also to charge the internal battery.
To evaluate the data each CurveX system is supplied with Ideal Finish Analysis. A powerful software program that is developed and dedicated to QC processes in the coating industry.

A large range of innovative heat barriers protect the logger inside the oven at various levels. Temperature probes for surface- and air temperature complete the system.

Perfect Cure
Successful powder coating stands or falls with a perfect curing process. Defects such a discoloration, poor adhesion, yellowing, brittleness and gloss issues are some of the problems associated with improper oven curing. Profiling the oven temperature is mandatory in many QC programs and should be performed on a daily basis.

More information
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