TQC, Dutch developer and manufacturer of paint test equipment, has launched a special Low Voltage Pinhole Detector Expansion kit

Full Access

The Expansion Kit contains all kinds of accessories for the TQC Low Voltage Pinhole Detector. With these accessories you can have full access to any area. The kit comes in a sturdy case that contains a telescopic stick, roller-sponge, spare sponge, universal clamp, customizable sponge, pair of scissors, magnet ground clamp, plastic bottle, 10 m cable 4 mm, 1,25 m cable 4 mm and a M6 hexagonal adapter. This kit comes without the Low Voltage Pinhole Detector, however the detector and its standard accessories can be stored in the same case.

The telescopic stick can be extended from 350 to 820 mm (13.8-32.3 inch). For this purpose an extra long ground cable and extension cable are part of the kit. The roller sponge eases use on large flat surfaces. The universal clamp can be used to clamp the customizable sponge, which can easily be cut in the right shape with the included scissors.

A magnetic ground clamp eases grounding of the TQC Low Voltage Pinhole Detector on ferrous substrates.


Coating irregularities can occur due to a number of different causes. Surface contamination or unsuitable climate conditions prior to the application, holidays or entrapped dust or air bubbles may lead to issues like pinholes.

Outdoor or underground coating applications which are likely to have various degrees of fluid exposure can be susceptible including areas like inner linings of tanks and pipes. Pinholes in those systems will inevitably lead to a premature coating failure so detection at an early stage is critical. .

For more info about the TQC Low Voltage Pinhole Detector Expansion Kit or any other TQC product, visit or contact your nearest TQC office or distributor.